Praveen, a universal citizen or in Sanskrit otherwise called 'vishwamitra'(friend of universe). Likes to dissolve man made boundaries, no matter its physical, mental or emotional. Traveling and visiting new places was one of my passions. Now i am slowly overcoming that desire. This means, once in a while that old desire does pop up.

I agree that unfulfilled desire is the cause of misery. And this same desire can make us slave or take us to freedom. The moment a desire exists, it means, that being is bounded, a limited one. That being had lost its freedom. Oh Me, what all this desire can do? And the answer for it is, 'What not a desire can't do!".

When we read the stories of the people who lived in primitive period, there also we can see the power of desire. God had a desire to create. And because of that, he got degraded and ended up to a level of watchman. Now his duty is to watch every people and decide whether he is doing good or not. To remind this, even these days we receive lots of mail saying 'God is watching'. Another duty he got is to respond to the prayers of this dialectical world. All the 50 students in a class want to be first in the class. They all prayed, prayed sincerely, cried sincerely to God to make them first in the class. Poor omnipotent became impotent for the remaining 49 students. Here this desire has not only led God to misery, but all those 49 students. Buddha was right when he said, 'desire is the cause of misery', precisely, it is the unfulfilled desires that lead to misery.

Now you also come to know that philosophy is another area i like. Yes i like philosophy. Exploring the truth and experiencing it.

Why this Website?
This website exists, just for the sake of having a website, where i can showcase or share those articles that seems interesting for me.