• Dec 23, 2016

    Generally, most human beings, though they seek liberation, are tending to get entangled with something or the other. Their psychological state and social conditioning are such that they think only in binding themselves will they be safe.

    It is not by bondage that you are safe. Only when you are free are you safe. But for a fearful mind, freedom may look scary, because you do not know what to hold on to. If you are not balanced, you need to hold on to something. If you are in perfect balance, you do not feel like holding on to anything. Those who are agile are not holding the walls as they walk – only the infirm do.

    Create a world that is full of life that is agile, balanced, and stable. Once there is no need in you to hold on to something and build bondage, your natural aspiration will be liberation.

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  • Mar 23, 2016

    When we say memory, people tend to think of the mind, but the body has much, much more memory than the mind. Your great, great, great-grandfather’s nose is sitting on your face because something inside your body remembers. Your body still remembers how someone was a million years ago and it is still acting that out. So the memory of the body is way bigger than the memory of the mind. This memory is what we refer to as karmic impressions. There was a time when in India, society was trying to manage your karmic impressions. It is for this purpose that jatis, gotras and other things were started. But that has all gone now. So you have to manage it within yourself.

    What you call as “my life” is a certain amount of energy controlled by a certain amount of information. This information, in today’s terms, can be called software. A certain amount of life energy is charged with a certain amount of information. Together, this information technology is you. You become a certain kind of character because of the type of information that has gone into you. The past impressions of life go far beyond the moment you were born, but in your perception right now, at least from the moment you were born till today, what kind of parents, family, and education you had, what kind of religious and social background, what kind of cultural realities – all these impressions have gone in. Someone has become a different character simply because of the type of information that has gotten into him. This is what is karma. This information is traditionally called karma or karmic body or casual body – that which causes life.

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  • Feb 23, 2016

    The original mind is like a mirror: it is pure, and it remains pure, but dust can gather upon it. The dust cannot destroy the purity – but the purity can be covered up.

    Our mind is the original or divine mind plus dust, the buddha-mind plus dust. Once you know how to uncover it, how to reclaim it from the dust, you have known all that is worth knowing and you have attained all that is worth attaining.

    Dust is but natural. Just like with a traveler passing from many, many roads, dust is gathered – and for many, many lives you have been a traveler. You have traveled long distances, and much dust has gathered.

    The East is basically different from the West in its attitude towards inner transformation. Christianity thinks that something has happened to man’s being itself – the sin. The East thinks that nothing has happened to the being itself; nothing can happen. The being remains in its absolute purity; there has been no sin. So man is not condemned in the East, he is not something degraded. On the contrary, he remains the divine that he is, that he has always been, and it is natural that dust will gather. Dust is bound to gather.

    So there is no sin, just a false identification. We become identified with the mind, with the dust. Our experience, our knowledge, our memories, all are dust. Whatsoever you have known, whatsoever you have experienced, whatsoever has been your past, is all dust. Regaining the original mind means regaining the purity – without experiences, without knowledge, without memories, without the past.

    The whole past is dust, but we are identified with the past and not with the consciousness that is always present. Think of it in this way: whatsoever you know is always of the past, and you are here and now in the present. All your knowledge is dust. ”Knowing” is your purity, knowledge is dust. The capacity to know, the energy to know, knowing, is your original nature. Through that knowing you gather knowledge. That knowledge is dust-like. Here and now, this very moment, you are absolutely pure, but you are not identified with this purity, you are identified with the past, the accumulated past. So all meditative techniques are basically methods to remove yourself from the past and to allow you to plunge into the here and now.

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