• The mind unconsciously loves problems because they give you an identity of sorts. "Problem" means that you are dwelling on a situation mentally. - Osho

  • The ego exists only when you take a certain part as the whole. When you make a part the whole, the ego exists. When you come to know the right proportion, that the part is part, and the whole is whole, the ego disappears. Ego is just a misunderstanding. - Osho

  • You cannot feel Consciousness nor you cannot know it. You become it. You are it. You cannot observe it. If you can observe it, then you are separate from it. This separateness is a thought or just a part of the mind. - Osho

  • When meditation has really happened to you, you will not need to do it. If you still need to do it, it has not yet really happened. - Osho

  • If your body feels pleasant, we call this health. If it becomes very pleasant, we call this pleasure.
    If your mind becomes pleasant,  we call this peace.  If it becomes very pleasant we call this joy.
    If your emotions becomes pleasant, we call this love.  If they become very pleasant,  we call this compassion. 
    If your energies become  pleasant,  we call this bliss. If they become very pleasant,  we call this ecstasy. - Jaggi

  • The mind cannot know anything about meditation, it cannot penetrate that realm. When it ceases completely, meditation happens. - Osho

  • To the unwise, knowledge of scriptures is a burden,
    to one who is full of desires, even wisdom is a burden;
    to one who is restless, his own mind is a burden;and
    to one who has no self-knowledge, the body (the life-span) is a burden. - Yoga Vasista

  • Thinking is just a recycling of data that you have gathered in the past. - Jaggi

  • Memory is like a treadmill. It gives you a lot of exercise, never takes you anywhere. - Jaggi

  • Psychological drama that you create in the form of thought and emotion is not life. It is a badly directed movie. - Jaggi

  • Repetition is cyclical. When you are going in circles, you are not going anywhere. - Jaggi

  • Yoga means breaking the cyclical process of life and making it a straight line. - Jaggi

  • Until you have become boundless, you cannot call yourself successful. - Jaggi

  • The experience of life should mature you. It is your choice to transform a memory into a wound or wisdom. - Jaggi

  • Life is a far larger phenomenon than thought. - Jaggi

  • Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens. - Carl Jung

  • The needs within a human being have arisen because of a certain sense of incompleteness. - Jaggi

  • To be peaceful and happy is not the ultimate goal of your life. It is a fundamental requirement of your life. It is the basic fabric of your life.

  • "Don't criticise what you don't understand" is "Don't praise what you don't understand either."

  • A donkey with a load of holy books is still a donkey.

  • If you cultivate your body, mind, emotion and energy in the right direction, mediation will happen. It is not something that you do, it is a quality.

  • The past experience of life is ruling you from within. Unless you break this karmic grip there is no such thing as freedom in thought and action.

  • The contradiction within a human being is simply because he is trying to mentally figure out things that he has not experienced. - Jaggi

  • Wanting to be special is a sickness, it is taking a huge toll on life. In trying to be special, people are doing all kinds of ridiculous things.

  • Do your Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) joyfully, not with the hope of making it or the fear of not making it. Just do it joyfully.

  • When your Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) is based on hope and fear, you won't attain to anything.

  • When you just look at the long term span of this creation, you are just a tiny happening. But you think too much of yourself, that is the biggest problem.

  • Positive thinking is about trying to escape reality. It?s about wanting to look at one side of life, and missing out on another. You may ignore the other, but the other will not ignore you. Right now, you can choose to ignore a black cloud in the sky, but it?s not going to ignore you.

  • Till something becomes a reality in our life, if we talk about it, it amounts to lying. The whole world is lying to themselves and to everybody about God.

  • Once the stillness comes into your life, then the mind also becomes absolutely still. When your mind becomes still, your intelligence explodes.

  • Do not try to live by morals, ethics, slogans. These are all very poor substitutes for awareness. Be conscious and aware, you will see life the way it is.

    The moment you make a conclusion, as to what should be at the other end, you are no more a seeker you are a vested interest.

  • One should use information and logic like a drunkard would use a lamp post ? only for support, not for illumination.

  • When it comes to the inner realities, whatever conclusions you make, you are bound to be wrong.

    Truth cannot be interpreted ? truth can only be experienced. Whichever way you try to interpret it, it is bound to be wrong.

  • From the day you are born you are slowly dying. One day the process will be complete. Right now it is on the way. You may be thinking you are going many places, but as far as your body is concerned, without a moment?s distraction, it is going straight to the grave, nowhere else.

  • Unless you know yourself all is fiction - your sickness, your health, both are meaningless because the reality is the grave.

  • When you want to believe you become blind. When you want to believe you don?t listen to any rationality, your own reason ...

  • Emotion is very fragile, very changing. One moment it seems that is all. Another moment you are simply empty. - Jaggi

  • The moment you are aware, you are neither in the trap of the mind nor in the trap of the body.

  • Through like and dislike you are having colored glasses on your eyes and you don?t see the real color of existence as It is.

  • Awareness is the key, the master key which opens all the doors of life.

  • A form is a limit; formless is limitless.

  • Unlimited is not something you create. Breaking of the limited is all that you can do. So that's the whole process.

  • If you were perfectly sane, you would not need entertainment. You need entertainment just to cover your madness. - Jaggi Vasudev