This all-powerfulness or this all-knowingness is not concerned with so-called knowledge: it is a feeling, an explosion of feeling – that you KNOW. This has to be understood, particularly in the West, because whenever you say that you know, they will say, ”What? What do you know?” Knowledge must be objective. You must know something. And if it is a question of knowing something you cannot be all pervading, no one can be, because there are infinite facts to be known. No one can be all-knowing in that sense.

That’s why in the West they laugh when Jains claim that Mahavir was SARVAGYA, all-knowing. They laugh, because if Mahavir was all-knowing, then he must have known all that science is discovering now and even that which science will discover in future. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. He says many things which are obviously contradictory to science, which cannot be true, which are not factual. His knowledge, if it is all-pervading, should never be erroneous. But there are errors.

Christians believe that Jesus was all-knowing. But the modern mind will laugh because he was not all-knowing – all-knowing in the sense of knowing all about the facts of the world. He didn’t know that the earth was circular, that the earth was a globe – he didn’t know. He knew that the earth was flat ground. He didn’t know that the earth had been in existence for millions and millions of years, he believed that God created it just four thousand years before him. As far as facts, objective facts are concerned, he was not all-knowing.

But this word ‘all-knowing’ is totally different. When the Eastern sages say ‘all-knowing’, they don’t mean knowing all about the facts – they mean all-conscious, all-aware, fully inside, fully conscious, enlightened. They are not concerned with knowing something, they are concerned only with the pure phenomenon of knowing – not knowledge, but the very quality of knowing. When we say that Buddha knows we don’t mean that he knows what Einstein knows. He doesn’t know that. He is a knower. He knows his own being and that being is all-pervading. That feeling of isness is allpervading. And in that knowing nothing remains to be known, that is the point. Now there is no curiosity to know anything. All questions have dropped. Not that all answers have been achieved, all questions have dropped. Now there is no question to be asked. All curiosity has gone. There is no problem to be solved. This inner quietness, this inner silence, filled with inner light, is infinite knowing. This is what is meant by omniscient. It is subjective awakening. 

You can go on adding knowledge for lives together – you will know something but you will never know all. The all is infinite; it cannot be known in that way. Science will always remain incomplete, it can never be complete – that’s impossible. It is inconceivable that it can be complete. Really, the more science knows, the more it comes to know that more has to be known. 

This all-knowingness is an inner quality of awakening. Meditate, and drop your thoughts. When you don’t have any thoughts you will feel what this omniscience is, what this all-knowledge is. When there is no thought, consciousness becomes pure, purified; in that purified consciousness you don’t have any problem. All questions have dropped. You know yourself, your being, and when you know your being, you have known all, because your being is the center of everybody’s being. Really your being is everybody’s being. Your center is the center of the universe. In this sense, Upanishads have declared, ”AHAM BRAHMASMI – I am the Brahman, I am the Absolute.” Once you know this little phenomenon of your being you have known the infinite.

[Osho - 'Vigyan Bahairava Tantra']