• Witnessing, the culmination of meditation
    Through different paths one can approach the witness. But the method that brings you is meditation, the fundamental thing is meditation.

  • Only Consciouness Exists, Matter Is Just An Appearance
    Scientists tried and tried to find out what matter was, but the more they tried, they more they came to realize that there was nothing like matter. Matter was analyzed and it was found that it had disappeared.

  • System Makers & System Breakers
    Every system is artificial.Every system is just to help you. It is not true. When the truth is revealed to you the system will become meaningless.

  • What exactly is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent
    in the West they laugh when Jains claim that Mahavir was SARVAGYA, all-knowing. When the Eastern sages say 'all-knowing', they don't mean knowing all about the facts. They are concerned only with the pure phenomenon of knowing – not knowledge,

  • Between love and hate your ego balances itself
    If you are friendly to everything that is in the world, you disappear. If you want to exist as an ego you can be friendly; but you must also be inimical to someone. You must love someone and you must hate. Then you can exist between these two contradictions – the ego can exist. Either love everything that is and you will disappear, or hate it and you will disappear. They look contradictory. They are not. The technique is the same

  • When you think, you remain separate; when you feel, you melt...
    Think about a flower, a rose flower. When you think, you are separate, there is a gap, a distance, a space. For thinking, space is needed; for thoughts to move, distance is needed. Feel the flower and the gap disappears, the distance drops. Because for feeling, distance is the barrier. The closer you come, the more you feel. A moment comes when even closeness appears to be a sort of distance – and then melting happens.

  • Prayer is not the right thing; the right thing is to meditate.
    There is nobody in the sky to listen to your prayers. Whatsoever you want to do, do. Existence is free and available to everybody. Don't wait for anybody's permission because there is nobody. In prayer the other is required; in meditation you alone are enough.

  • The ego exists only because you have not encountered it
    If you fight with your shadow, you will be defeated. Not because the shadow is very powerful, but because the shadow is not; you cannot defeat it. You will be defeated by your own stupidity.

  • Mind can create the illusion that even reality, itself pales down
    You know, your mind has a faculty – a faculty to create images. Not only to create images but to make them appear so real that again and again you forget.,very night you dream, every morning you come to know.hat it was a dream and not a reality; and again when you dream the next night, again you become a victim

  • How the ego exists
    The ego can exist only when there is resistance. The ego can exist only when you have some private goal against the whole. If you start fighting with the ego you will create a subtler ego which is more dangerous, because that subtler ego will be a pious ego. It will pretend to be religious. In the beginning it was at least this-worldly, now it will be that-worldly -- greater, powerful, subtle -- and the grip will be more dangerous, and it will be difficult to come out of it.

  • Thinking leads you nowhere
    Philosophy means thinking and meditation means a state of non-thinking. They are polar opposites. You can go on thinking, and the mind is such that you can start thinking about meditation. You can make anything an object for meditation, for thinking. Even about meditation you can think, and you can go on thinking about it – nothing will happen.

  • Every desire is a bondage. Even if you desire God, or heaven it is a bondage.
    Desire leads into the future, into fantasy, dreaming. This movement of the mind in the future is desire. Desire is not concerned with any object, with whether you desire sex or you desire meditation – it makes no difference. Desiring is the thing – that you desire. It means you are not here. It means you are not in the real moment, and the present moment is the only door into existence. The past and future are not doors, they are walls.

  • Western & Eastern Psychology under the light of Tantra.
    Western psychology is basically concerned with the abnormal, the pathological, with the man who has fallen down from the normal, who has fallen down from the norm. Eastern psychology, tantra and yoga, consider man from the standpoint of the supernormal – of the one who has gone beyond the norm.

  • Will Immoral Life Creates Hindrances in Meditation?
    The more moral you become outwardly, the more immoral you will be within – in the same proportion, because your morality is bound to be nothing but a deep suppression. The morality that society preaches and so-called religions preach is a bargain: ”Do this and you will get that. If you don’t do this you will not get that. You will even be punished.”It is a bargain.

  • What is immoral and what is moral is just your interpretation
    Each wave has its own personality – unique, different from any other. No two waves are similar. Some waves are big, some waves are small. They have their own peculiar characteristics.While one is rising, another is dying. Still, the reality behind both is the same. Deep down they are related to one ocean. Their individuality is false and illusory. Their duality appears to be, but it is not so: their non-duality is the truth.

  • We are just waves in a cosmic ocean: 'Conquer the fear of death'!
    Each wave has its own personality – unique, different from any other. No two waves are similar. Some waves are big, some waves are small. They have their own peculiar characteristics.While one is rising, another is dying. Still, the reality behind both is the same. Deep down they are related to one ocean. Their individuality is false and illusory. Their duality appears to be, but it is not so: their non-duality is the truth.

  • All the faces you have are false.
    If you are a Christian or a Hindu or a Muslim or a Jain, it will be difficult for you to enter meditation because your philosophy gives you judgements. – This is good and that is not good, this has to be repressed, this is not to be allowed. All philosophies are repressive and all religions, all ideologies, are repressive.

  • Prayer is not the right thing; the right thing is to meditate.
    This is the understanding of yoga: that existence is available to everybody. The whole of humanity has been doing for centuries looking at the sky, asking permission, praying -- to somebody who is not there. When you pray you have to believe in someone who is listening to your prayer. When you meditate you meditate alone

  • You must function timelessly and mind cannot function timelessly, mind needs time...
    If the focusing is at the hara and the fighter is fighting, then this fight is intuitive, not intellectual. Before you attack him, he knows. It is a subtle feeling in the hara, not in the head. It is not an inference, it is a psychic telepathy. Before you attack him, before you think of attacking him, the thought has reached him. His hara is hit and he is ready to protect himself. Even before you have attacked, he is in defense, he has protected himself..

  • What is Ego?
    It is a false reality you created just for the sake of survival. If we do not transcend the limitations of the physical, if we do not transcend the limited existence of the physical, then life will only be a struggle. As long as the situations go well, you are very confident and as soon as problems creep up, you are diffident.

  • All spiritual techniques are just like drugs, they produce chemical change and, hence the experiences.
    Whether you take LSD or you fast, in both the ways body goes through chemical change. If you fast long enough you will have hallucinations. If you fast for twenty-one days or more you will become incapable of judging whether what you are seeing is real or unreal, because for it a particular chemical is needed and that is lost. All experiences are childish, but one has to go through them to become mature.

  • Difference between Self-Remembering and Witnessing
    In introspection the emphasis is on the thought, the feeling, the emotion, the mood, anger, or anything, and the self is forgotten. In self-remembering the self is remembered and the whole energy is centered on the self. In witnessing there is no self. You are no longer you: just a vast, infinite, unbound witnessing.

  • Difference between Introspection and Self-Remembering
    Introspection is thinking about yourself. Self-remembering is becoming aware about yourself.

  • Reincarnation - Knowing the Fundamentals of Rebirth
    When someone leaves the body, genetical information or the physical memory perishes along with his physical body, so too his mind and its discretionary aspect. What he carries will be the energy body which have the information(memory) inscribed in it which is called karma.

  • Karma -The Memory of Life
    Karma means action or the imprint of action which remains within us. Action is on many different levels. There is physical, mental, emotional and energy action which we call karma. Karma is not about something good or bad that you did. Karma is the memory of life.

  • What you think and feel has nothing to do with the reality of life.
    What happens in your mind, what you think and feel has nothing to do with the reality of life, but right now, humanity has invested so much towards what they think and feel.

  • Positive thinking will make you mad
    Your ability to perceive what's good has come about only because there is bad in the world. If you do not think about the negative things in the world, then you will be living in a fool’s paradise, and life will get you for it. What is important is to not let the negative overwhelm you. If you look at life just the way it is, it is positive and negative in equal terms.

  • A Master attracts disciples, a teacher - students.
    A teacher is one who teaches, who helps people to know about things, without himself realizing them. A student is one who is in search of more information and a teacher is one who has accumulated more information. One who has found is a Master. He will accept disciples. Students are prohibited; students cannot go there by themselves. He will try to transform you. He will give you being, not knowledge. He will give you more being, not more knowledge.

  • AUM: The Premordial Sound
    AUM is the sound of existence, and then it divides in three: a, u, m, and then the three become many. From one, three; from three, many and millions. Now even science agrees that there is only one energy in existence; that one energy is divided in three. You may call it electron, proton and neutron; you may call it a, u, m; you may call it the Christian trinity: God, the Son, the Holy Ghost; you may call it the Hindu trimurti: Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu – whatsoever the name, the name is irrelevant, but one thing is certain: one becomes three, and then three becomes many.

  • Reincarnation and Vegetarianism
    The idea of reincarnation is not a philosophical idea: it is an experience, it is utterly scientific. Darwin's idea is very raw: he says monkeys have become man The growth, the evolution, has not happened from body to body: the growth has been happening in consciousness.

  • Vegetarianism is a by-product of Meditation
    If you live vegetarianism as a religion or a philosophy, you will be continually hankering for meat, continually thinking, dreaming of meat, and your vegetarianism will be just a decoration for your ego. With me, meditation is the only essential religion. I have nothing to do with vegetarianism, but I know that if you meditate you are going to grow new perceptivity, new sensitivity, and you cannot kill animals.

  • Personality Vs Individuality
    Every moment you are afraid somebody may crush your personality. Then the whole world becomes an anxiety. A man whose life has become a play is not worried about tomorrow. To be like children has to be increased. That is innocence – purposeless innocence. Profit brings the poison in; the result poisons you. Then innocence is lost.

  • Time is irrelevant for love
    Love gives you the feeling of being needed. That is why in love one becomes or feels less afraid. Whenever love is not there you become more fearful, and in fear, as a protection, you become hateful. Hate is a protection. You are afraid of being destroyed; you become destructive.

  • Beyond Habits: Is it a sin to smoke?
    You must be a deeply anxiety-ridden person, otherwise chain-smoking is not possible; chain-smoking is a by-product. If you try hard to do something without understanding the fundamentals, just the opposite will be the result.

  • Belief is a barrier to truth
    Your belief or your disbelief is not going to make any difference to the truth. Belief cannot give you the truth, it only pretends. The inquiry into truth begins only when you drop all believing. To accept that you don't know is the beginning of real knowledge.

  • Imitation will not transform your being
    Unless you are in direct contact with the divineness of existence, all that you are doing is creating a persona, a personality ... fake, fraud, hypocrisy

  • Makara Sankranti
    There are many sankrantis through the year; the two significant ones being Makara Sankranti, and right opposite in the month of June is Mesha Sankranti.

  • The Moon and Mysticism
    As one shifts from the calculations of the logical mind to intuitive ways of looking at life, the moon becomes more important.

  • The Body Remembers All
    Every action has a consequence. This is not a moralistic reality; it is a certain existential process. If you do certain things with your mind, certain consequences will come. If you do certain things with your body, certain consequences will come.

  • The belief of God is not necessary to reach Truth
    Buddha reaches to that ultimate reality without believing in God, so with the Mahavira. The western thinkers always defined religion as God centered. When they became aware that there has been a traditional path, godless path reaching toward truth, they were shocked.

  • Is Self-Actualization a basic need of man?
    If all your needs are fulfilled, all except self-realization, self-actualization, you will feel unfulfilled. In fact, if self-actualization happens and nothing else is fulfilled, still you will feel a deep, total fulfillment.

  • Blessing or Curse - Your Choice
    If all your needs are fulfilled, all except self-realization, self-actualization, you will feel unfulfilled. In fact, if self-actualization happens and nothing else is fulfilled, still you will feel a deep, total fulfillment.

  • Soy Milk Dangers
    In order to give it a milky appearance, it is mixed with oil, water, sugar, stabilizer, etc. Many people opt for different flavors of soy milk, like vanilla and chocolate flavor.

  • Heart Care Tips
    A chat with Dr.Devi Shetty, Narayana Hrudayalaya (Heart Specialist) Bangalore

  • Interview with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
    Religion is a road map to get lost. All religions started somewhere as a spiritual path but somewhere along the way they get so twisted and turned with local culture and politics that after 1000 years it is no more a road map, it is completely distorted.

  • Dr. Abdul Kalam's Letter to Every Indian
    YOU say, say and say.. What do YOU do about it?. When it comes to burning social issues like those related to women, dowry, girl child! and others, we make loud drawing room protestations and continue to do the reverse at home.

  • The Origin of the Universe - Stephen W. Hawking
    According to the Boshongo people of central Africa, in the beginning, there was only darkness, water, and the great god Bumba. One day Bumba, in pain from a stomach ache, vomited up the sun. The sun dried up some of the water, leaving land. Still in pain, Bumba vomited up the moon, the stars, and then some animals. The leopard, the crocodile, the turtle, and finally, man.

  • Who Am I?
    You see everything except yourself; you feel everything except yourself; you know everything except yourself. This self-ignorance is the sleep. Unless dreaming ceases completely, you cannot awaken unto yourself.