Positive-negative are always together. What matters is your ability to harness both and produce what you can. Your very body is positive-negative. It is like saying, you don’t want death, you want only life — there is no such thing. Because there is death, there is life.

Why should you always be positive? Our entire existence is always unfolding between two dualities. Stupid minds are trying to eliminate one. What you are referring to as positive and negative is masculine and feminine, light and darkness, day and night.

Without this how will life happen? Stupid minds in the world are always talking about ‘positive thinking’. People who made positive thinking very popular in the world, all of them went insane. They went neurotic or they committed suicide.

Only because there is darkness, there is light. Let both of them be, and see how to make both of them productive. If you do not think about the negative things in the world, then you will be living in a fool’s paradise, and life will get you for it. What is important is to not let the negative overwhelm you. If you look at life just the way it is, it is positive and negative in equal terms, always.

If you look at it as it is, neither can the negative nor can the positive overwhelm you. Only because they are equal, everything is happening the way they are happening. It is just that you want positive results from both.

There is life and death, light and darkness, good and bad, each complementing the other. If there wasn’'t bad in the world, would you even know what is good?
Now, the lights in your home are burning because there is positive and negative, aren’t they? The positive result is happening. So we don’t mind the negative. There is a man and a woman; if joy is coming out of them, then we don’t mind the woman or the man. But they get married, and they create a lot of negativity. Now we think the woman is a problem, or the woman thinks the man is the problem. So it is the result that you are producing, and not the positive and negative, which is the problem.

Anybody who tries to eliminate one aspect of life and tries to live with the other alone will only bring misery upon herself. There is life and death, light and darkness, good and bad, each complementing the other. If there wasn’t bad in the world, would you even know what is good? No. Your ability to perceive what’s good has come about only because there is bad in the world.

So you don’t have to resist it, it is just that you have to make a positive result out of this positive and negative that is happening, and this depends on your capability. Depending on how deeply you accept both of them, your capability will accordingly enhance itself.

So, is acceptance a solution? If you say, 'acceptance is solution', people will become passive. The moment you talk acceptance, it is already there. People tend to think, "This is how life is; we cannot do anything about it. It is all God who does everything." That is not it. This is not about accepting the situation as it is. We are just seeing it the way it is and what best we can do out of it.